Electronics & Communication Engineering


To be a centre of distinction disseminating technical expertise in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering along with instilling a strong sense of civic responsibility.


  1. To provide an excellent academic ambience for imparting knowledge in the field of Electronics and Communication.
  2. To develop technical skills to meet the emerging needs of industry and the society.
  3. To inculcate entrepreneurship skills, ethical values, leadership qualities and life-long learning for the sustainable development of the society.

Electronics & Communication Engineering

EC, the combination of two major branches of engineering, Electronics Communication, is one of the largest and fastest growing sectors of the present industry. Electronics engineering distinguishes itself from other technical trades by the constant redefinition of its sphere of influence.

This branch of engineering help us to see, hear and communicate over vast distances, supervise production and manufacturing processes and oversee installation and maintenance of computers, peripherals and components. We work with equipments that use extremely small amounts of power. The role of the electronics engineer is pivotal in realms ranging from the toy industry to consumer electronics, from household articles to space/satellite communication.

Our course includes theory, design, fabrication, production, testing and manufacture of complex products and systems. We realise the requirements of equipments and components for major industries, including the medical, automotive, robotic, computer and networking sectors. Further, the design of data processing systems for communication, including the defence requirements falls under our purview.

Career Prospects

A diploma in EC can apply for the post of engineers with the state government, the central government and the public sector. Central services like Indian Engineering Service (IES), Indian Telephone Industries, BSNL/ MTNL, Civil Aviation Department, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., HPCL / BPCL / IPCL, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC), Bharat Electronics Limited, Indian Railways, ISRO, DRDO and the Defence services offer exciting careers. Private sector opportunities exist in profusion, in the Semiconductor industry, VLSI design industry, Software industry including MNCs, Computer related fields and in the Telecom Sector including mobile computing, hardware and networking.

Since its inception, the department has progressed rapidly and is now regarded as one of the premiere departments, with excellent infrastructure and a full-time faculty. The course contents are intended to give the students a holistic and pragmatic view of the present scenario of the Electronics and Communication industry as well as a grounding in the concepts and theories that will shape the future of the industry.


In order to ensure high standards of education for its students, the department has constantly upgraded itself by adding well-equipped and fully furnished laboratories to supplement the theory courses. Old laboratories like the Analog Electronics Lab and the Microprocessor labs have been upgraded with state-of-the-art equipments.

Computing Facilities

Apart from the central computing facility provided by the college, the computing facility of the Department consists of a state-of-the-art network of computers running on Windows platform. The lab is able to support a strength of 60 students.

ISO Accreditation

The ISO Accreditation aims to achieve standards at par with programmes offered in institutions offered across India, by introducing a quality auditing system and establishing datum for measuring the quality and excellence in technical education. The ISO periodically evaluates the technical institutions and programs on the basis of guidelines, norms and standards.

The accreditation exercise is designed to be rigorous with several inputs such as quality of teaching, level of research, faculty expertise, evaluation of teachers, standard of infrastructure available in the campus, such as hostel facility, library, medical facility etc. These are taken into consideration in order to help the visiting accreditation team of experts arrive at a rational evaluation.


The department has seen excellent placements record, both in public and private sector corporations, including HCL, Wipro, DRDO and BHEL. A large number of students have gone abroad to pursue higher studies, and many have consistently secured admissions in prestigious institutes of India over the years, to pursue higher studies.

In-House Project & Training

The major and minor projects related to the course in done in the form of in-house projects. To meet the current demands, the department organizes various training programmes, inviting eminent personalities in the field to take sessions.